Problem running a server

  • Hello,

    I instaled asgard via composer and asgard:install.

    And my server doesn't run when I type art serve command.

    What should I do?

  • @andrius

    And my server doesn't run when I type art serve command.

    Can you elaborate a bit more what is going wrong? Any error messages? Any output? Absolutely nothing at all?

  • Here's a link of my screenshot

  • All right, now I see what is going on.

    I'll write in my reply the error you got, so it can be searched (an screenshot cannot):

    PHP NOTICE: Use of undefined constant MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 - assumed 'MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128' in /var/www/html/mycms/config/app.php on line 101

    Check if you have installed and activated the PHP's mcrypt extension.

    Fix instructions (on Ubuntu / Debian):

    • Type on your shell:
      sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt

    • Then restart Apache by:
      sudo service apache2 reload

    • Then you should reinstall the app:

      • Drop the database you created.
      • Create again the database.
      • Wipe the directory composer created on first step (in your case /var/www/html/mycms).
      • Reinstall the application again, with:
        composer create-project asgardcms/platform your-project-name and php artisan asgard:install. If the Asgard Installer makes you some questions, you're good to go :)

  • Thank you for your effort, but I got same problem.

  • Run the following command:

    sudo php5enmod mcrypt

    If that doesn't work, check your php.ini to see if the mcrypt extension is enabled

    Restart apache and try to reinstall again the project.

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