How to Add Extra Fields to Category Module.

  • Hi,

    I want to add extra fields (category_description,category_image) to Category Module. How do I accomplished this? is there any straightforward way?

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    Which category module are you talking about ?

  • Hi @deben ,

    Check this screencast:

    Here explains how to add custom fields to a module. In the screencast case, its for the Page module, but the concept behind can be extended to any module.

    If that is not exactly what you are looking for, you can follow this other one screencast:

    It explains how to create a module from scratch, so getting the idea of how a module actually works, can give you some directions in order to accomplish what are you looking for.

  • @nWidart

    Blog Module Category

  • @zedee

    In the Page Module there is a config file to link up to newly created fields . But how can I accomplish this in Blog Module of category view.

    I have created new module i.e CategoryExtension and added new fields (category_description,Category_image) . Now I want to link up this newly created fields to Category create view of Blog module. How can I do this?

    I want to customize Category view of Blog module. I did not found any config file for this.

  • @nWidart

    I am not finding any solutions for this. Can you please help me on this ?

  • admin

    look at how it's done in the pages module, reproduce that in the blog module.

  • @nWidart

    :arrow_double_up: this

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