Disable 'Register a new member' in login page

  • If I asgard.user.users.php in the file in the config folder
    'Allow_user_registration' => false,
    put on false then throws the registration in the login form an error.
    We can I disable the registration link without error.
    I use laravel> 5
    Best regards

    My Error
    ErrorException in UrlGenerator.php line 306: Route [register] not defined. (View: C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ xxxxx \ resources \ views \ asgard \ user \ public \ login.blade.php)

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    @dieter said:
    For some reason published view from users module have no condition around register route call :s

    Please update in resources/views/asgard/users/public/login.blade.php:

    <a href="{{ route('register')}}" class="text-center">{{ trans('user::auth.register')}}</a>


            @if (config('asgard.user.users.allow_user_registration'))
                <a href="{{ route('register')}}" class="text-center">{{ trans('user::auth.register')}}</a>

    clear view cache if not reflected php artisan view:clear

  • Thanks for the help. But
    @if (config ('asgard.user.users.allow_user_registration'))
    <a href="{{ route('register')}}" class="text-center"> {{trans ( 'user :: auth.register')}} code
    has been standing already inside and the command also
    php artisan view: clear
    made nothing?
    I will now times simply hide the link via css.
    Best regards

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    Well option in config should be lowercase => allow_user_registration. Also register route call should be wrapped in if statement. Then it will not try to generate that url.

  • Problem solved. For me it has given 2 login.blade.php files. I was inside in the wrong. When the correct file your assistance has helped.
    You are the best :))

    Thank you very much

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