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  • Hello everybody, I'm amazingly eager to report the full, formal return of the Second Coming of Gluttony! Initially advertised toward the beginning of November, we have finished terms with the distributer and had conceded to a December first relaunch. I've been incredibly amped up for this, and I trust every one of you are also! Fudge, who was (and remains) the interpreter for Gluttony, is presently all set go-gooooo! He just discharged three new parts and is focusing on a section a day on wuxiaworld (no parts on fifteenth/31st of every month), until this novel is finished. Rejoin us and the story of the child of the god Gula! Typically, we hold up a month prior to opening up advance part levels to supports (to give individuals time to truly survey the story), yet since Gluttony previously had a past crowd and many endorsers, I chose to open it up promptly upon relaunch so old endorsers on Patreon/somewhere else wouldn't need to pause. Cheers, and upbeat perusing!

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