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  • I would like to know is there a detailed explanation how to create frontend theme ? Documentation is not enough for me ?

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    Hey, what exactly bothers you about frontend template?

  • I am not botherd per say, i would just want to know is there anything special i need to know about creating one. Any special syntax or something ?

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    @DjordjeR Nah just a regular Laravel way of doing it, blade, controllers etc.
    There's certain things that some Asgard modules expose to frontend by default that you can use.

    For example blog module has PublicController that has view methods for all posts and single post, you can access them by creating view folder blog and blade file index.blade.php and view.blade.php that would allow you to use those in frontend without touching any code.

    I guess you would want to scout trough modules that you are interested for frontend and see what view they expect and what variables they present.

    You can always browse trough source code to see any tips and how did nWidart did his frontend.

  • Okay, thank you very much. I thought that was the case, but i was not sure. Thanks !

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