AdminLTE won't load

  • I recently ran composer to include a laravel package for using Google Drive as a disk... I got that to work in tinker but when I went back to the site it is bringing up Flatly views while I'm in the backend. I can see it's loading dashboard and the widgets we have so I know it thinks its the backend.

    I've stripped out all the Google Drive stuff, cleared everything but the problem persists. I don't even understand how to debug this issue. AdminLTE is still set as the backend theme in the asgard core config file.

  • For /en/backend I'm getting AssetNotFoundException: No message

    When I go to /backend it's loading the flatly theme and I get an error about the $alternate variable.

    (I used to be able to go to just /en/backend and it's still loading my widgets and the dashboard)

  • It's failing on ckeditor.js saying it doesn't exists. It's definitely in the correct spot in the Themes/AdminLTE folder and not present in Themes/Flatly folder making me think it is still trying to load Flatly for the backend.

  • This same thing is happening when I try a fresh asgard install!

  • I faced very similar problem, and in my case I found, that the reason is mcamara/laravel-localization package.After I downgraded it from 1.3.16 -> 1.3.11, my back started to func normally.

  • For anyone else who finds this rolling back the version will work. But if you want to take advantage of the new functionality of the laravel-localization package you can change 2 files and add 1 file as outlined here.

  • Thank you for your question. At this time we all technical solutions. we are always available to help and answer questions from individuals regarding using Gmail not working?

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