Pagination in Asgard

  • I used paginate() in eloquent file to get limited items for pagination.

    Then I shown them through view in controller :
    return view('friend::friends', ['current_user' => $user_id, 'locale' => $locale, 'friends' => $oFriendCollection]);

    In blade file, I added :

    {!! $friends->links() !!}

    for showing pagination links. But it caused a problem that Method links does not exist.

    How can I do to make pagination in Asgard?


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    @kyo00710 said:


    I believe you would use {!! $friends->render() !!} instead. Give it a go.

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    Same way you would in laravel. Asgard is only a laravel application.

  • I have got same issue, refer this article

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