[bugs] after logout

  • Hy my name is aleh from Indonesian,

    Asgard CMS is great laravel CMS ever.

    i have installed asgard cms successfully. Then logged in to backend page no problem, but when logout I got the error like this :

    "ErrorException in compiled.php line 13860:
    View [layouts.account] not found. (View: /media/abdialeh/DATA/WORKSPACE/PHP/DOCODE/LABS/laravel/asgar.docode/resources/views/asgard/user/public/login.blade.php)
    in compiled.php line 13860"

    How to fix this error ?

    Sorry For My English :)

  • i created new theme and missing 1 file "account.blade.php" then i copied into layouts folder in new my theme. Then i solved my problem :)

    Great Laravel CMS Ever :thumbsup: i love it

  • hep, got the same "bug" with my own template, created the missing file did the job

  • admin

    Indeed you need that template file after scaffolding a theme. I might add it automatically upon theme scaffold.

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    @nWidart +1 to adding it to scaffolding

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