custom ckedior config

  • Hi,

    im customizing the ckeditor configuraiton to add custom styles.

    • i have created a new config file and stored this within the public path.
    • set new config file in /config/asgard/core.php (relative to the public directory)

    with the current code in the AdminLte master.blade.php i have some issues and does not work for me:

    $('.ckeditor').each(function() {
       CKEDITOR.replace($(this).attr('name'), {
           customConfig: '{{ config('asgard.core.core.ckeditor-config-file-path') }}'

    i have changed that temporarily to the following which does work for me for now:

    CKEDITOR.config.customConfig = '{{ config('asgard.core.core.ckeditor-config-file-path') }}';

    Im interested in a better solution which works with composer update?!

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