Custom Menu Presenter not found

  • Hi

    i try to customize the menu layout. But i get an annoying "Class App\Http\Presenters\CustomMenuPresenter not found" error within the MenuBuilder.php

    What id did so far:

    • created CustomMenuPresenter
      Class (copy of \Nwidart\Menus\Presenters\Bootstrap\NavbarPresenter) and stored this in App\Http\Presenters.

    • published the menu module to get the app/config/menu.php file and modified that by adding a new line to the styles array:
      'custom-nav-bar' => \App\Http\Presenters\CustomMenuPresenter::class

    • set the new default presenter in app/config/asgard/menu/config.php
      'default_menu_presenter' => 'custom-nav-bar',

    • and sure i did composer dump-autoload

    does any one has a similar issue or has any idea to solve this?

    the only way i got this working is to place the CustomMenuPresenter Class within a custom Module.

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