The future of asgardcms

  • Hello,

    First let me state that I'm very impressed by Asgardcms and the work the developers have put into it. I've been using it for a small personal project of mine and it's really great.
    But before investing time in a new project based on AsgardCMS there is something I would like to ask.
    How stable is the future of AsgardCMS. I would hate to start a project based on it, only to find that it has become abandoned in the near future and basically my project is build on the basis of something that is no longer supported.
    Can someone from the development team answer this question for me? Maybe share some insight in the future of AsgardCMS?

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
    Bas Brouwers

  • This is what I was afraid of. No response whatsoever on a simple question. I will have to look further for a stable and supported Laravel CMS, which I really think is a shame, because Asgard is a really great system.

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