Installation problems

  • Hi, I'm trying to install asgard with docker, but when I start the "./dcp artisan asgard:install" and fill in the configuration, it always says to check my connection data.

    I am sure that I insert the right data, but the .env file seems to keep a default configuration.

    If I edit the .env file manually, it connects to the database, but of course it is empty.

    Any clue?


  • Got it! Here's what I did:

    • removed composer.lock
    • ./dcp composer update
    • ./dcp artisan asgard:install --force

    I think that it has something to do with the composer and php version of the host machine. Launching composer update from inside the container updated a lot of packages.
    After that the install process accepted my credentials and the setup completed successfully.

    Hope it helps!


  • Thank you. I have other issue and need update composer before run install command

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