[SOLVED] Question about theme creation on forlder name

  • I've just created a copy of the Flaty theme with another name, changed the theme.json file settings and change the default theme on the configuration section and run both stylish:publish and cache:clear artisan commands.

    Even that, when entering to the frontend section a ThemeNotFoundException is thrown. How do I register the theme with stylist?
    on both places: https://asgardcms.com/docs/v2/workshop-module/theme-scaffold and https://asgardcms.com/docs/v2/themes/usage there is no mention of how to solve this issue.
    Forum does not have mention to it either. Any missing steps?

    Asgard 2.6.1 on Php 5.6

  • admin

    Did you check the contents of the theme.json?

  • The theme.json file contains:

      "name": "MAMS",
      "description": "Medical Appointment Management System Theme",
      "type": "frontend",
      "version": "0.0.1"

    Is there any limitation regarding the folder name based on this configuration or other element I'm not aware of?

  • Hi, found the issue:

    The problem was that the "name" element must be equal to the Folder name where the theme is located.

    In my case the foldername was lowercase and the theme.json file was indicated with uppercase.

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