Unable to locate factory with name [default] [Modules\Brokerquotes\Entities\Insuree].

  • I definitely have a factory


    And in a DatabaseSeeder I have

    factory("Modules\\Brokerquotes\\Entities\\Insuree", 5)->create()-> ......

    But when I try to call the seeder class directly using php artisan db:seed --class=.... I get the subject error

    Now i know there is a php artisan module:seed but it doesn't have the --class option so it runs all the seeders. I just need to run some individual seeders from time to time.

    What am I doing wrong here??

  • They seem to have not implemented the factory loading in the module scaffolding.
    It appears that no factory is working at all.

    Check this comment on GitHub to register the factories:


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