Installation problems with dependences

  • I am a experienced laravel developer so when I saw Asgard CMS, and that it uses Laravel, I thought I would give it a try.

    I am trying to install it onto a UniServerZ vhosts, I have other Laravel apps running fine in the same configuration but when trying to create the platform (first install command) I have the error below.

    Could not load package intervention/image in [Unexpec
    tedValueException] Could not parse version constraint 4.x.x: Invalid versio
    n string "4.x.x"

    Could not parse version constraint 4.x.x: Invalid version string "4.x.x"

    I have tried installing earlier version but I have the same error. Can anyone help please?

    The vendor folder disappears after this error appears.

    Thank you


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    Very interesting, i wonder where does that 4.x.x version come from since Media module requires ^2.3 < 3.0 version.
    Is you composer updated? I remember some time ago i saw errors like that with outdated composer itself.

  • Thank you for the advise. Although it was not the solution it did point me in the correct direction.

    I updated composer and had a more useful error message, stating that I had not enabled the fileinfo php extension. I enabled it, and it still did not work as it needed to be enabled in the php-cli.ini file so that it would work in the command line.

    Having fixed that error, I am now getting error from mySQL, stating that it could not create a table.

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    @stephenrmiles Any specifics or just says can't create table? Is there .env file in project root?

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