auth() vs SentinelAuthentication::class

  • i've upgraded to the latest version of asgard cms 3.x I'm using the auth() to do most of my auth functions. I am also using the Sentinel package for my default user intents which apparently has its own auth functions.

    My question is....can both auth and SentinelAuthentication be used to perform auth functions and yield the same result?

    To bring perspective to my question....

    I'm running a middleware that will log the user in by Id auth()->loginUsingId($id) however there is another middleware that checks for the logged in user using $this->auth->check() === false which apparently yields truth breaking my application.

    should I be now using the SentinelAuthentication or is there some other way I should be using laravel's default auth functions. I was under the impression that the new version of Asgard made both functions compatible.

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