Disabling checkpoints

  • I'm building my module to automatically register and login users to view parts of the said module. However, I in running the command

    try {
           if($this->auth->guest()) {
             * if user email register arbitrary User
                return back()->with('error', "Please submit an email address!");
            $user = $this->registerUser($request->only(['first_name', 'last_name', 'email']));
                                return true;
        } catch (\Cartalyst\Sentinel\Checkpoints\NotActivatedException $e) {
            session()->flash('warning', 'You have not activated your account. Please ');

    I still keep getting

    Cartalyst \ Sentinel \ Checkpoints \ NotActivatedException
    Your account has not been activated yet.

    at other areas of the application. Now I do not mind the checkpoint but I atleast need to be able to catch the error and return a more friendlier warning on failure. Is there a way to do a global activation check based on the route or should i disable

    'checkpoints' => [
            // 'activation',

    the activation checkpoint and try it manually. Either way I want to be able to check for activation but want to be able to catch the exceptions and still proceed with the code.

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