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  • I am new to asgard and also to laravel, i know some bits of it but not everything.
    However i want to give this a try.

    So I installed the blog module and it's visible etc in the backend but not in the front end.

    I find the explanation very brief.

    I don't understand the following: blog.index and Are those hardcoded pages?
    Where do I make that? in the views folder? If so, how do i link it then back to the menu?

    In the views folder there is already index.blade and show.blade template, which include also the other content route(locale() . '.blog.slug', [$post->slug]) etc mentioned in the explanation. Is the explanation still up to date?

    I now made a blog page in the admin were i use the index.blade template but this isn't working of course.
    Need some help with this

    Thanks in advance.

  • Try this URL in the front end:


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