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  • Hello to all,
    I have a problem with a fresh install. Everything ok but when I log in to the backend I can not see the page well because I crawl bugs on both the CSS and the JAVASCRIPT resource paths.
    What could be the problem?
    I also attach pictures to show you the problem.

    Thank you

  • You might want to check out this issue: I resolved it by doing what richardfeliciano suggested and it fixed it. Perhaps not the ideal solution but it works for now.

  • Hi, Have you solve the issue? I have solved the icon issue by running

    • npm install
    • npm run dev

    These 2 commands in AdminLte folder

    Now i can see the icons but CSS and JS files are still not found. I can't see any thing in pages tab

  • modify the file: \public\mix-manifest.json
    and set the correct path for '/js/app.js' and '/css/app.css'
    After this i get no error in the console but still i can't see anything in the Page module.

    I deleted all files and reinstalled it again via asgardcms and now it works.

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