How to change the blog URL / slug?

  • Hi, just started using the blog module (thanks for providing this!) and wondered what's the best way to customise the blog URL i.e. change the index page from /blog/posts to /news?

    I've updated frontendRoutes.php in the Blog module, as follows, but want to do it the "future-proof" way.

    /** @var Router $router */
    $router->group(['prefix' => 'news'], function (Router $router) {
        $locale = LaravelLocalization::setLocale() ?: App::getLocale();
        $router->get('', [
            'as' => $locale . '.blog',
            'uses' => 'PublicController0',
            'middleware' => config(''),
        $router->get('{slug}', [
            'as' => $locale . '.blog.slug',
            'uses' => 'PublicController@show',
            'middleware' => config(''),

    I presume I have to extend the Blog module - any guidance on doing that please?

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