View [default] not found.

  • I create new frontend theme and update from seting.after some time when i rehost laravel server it's give me error like a View [default] not found.What is a solution of that i try installed=true from .env file.But still my problem not solved.

  • Did you scaffold the new theme with php artisan?

  • @Krishna I have encountered the same issue that you are facing and I've fixed it by running php artisan cache:clear and php artisan config:clear. Hope it works to you also.

  • i've installed the latest version but getting same error
    View [default] not found.
    and in the /auth/login
    View [partials.notifications] not found.

    Btw, i've installed the application using the instruction:
    composer create-project asgardcms/platform

    thanks in advance

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