Scalable System implementation using AsgardCms

  • Dear, Hope all of you are in a good times.

    I'm in need to take a crucial decision about online food ordering system using PHP language.

    I need to choose between Laravel pure framework or CMS based on Laravel.

    I'm thinking in AsgardCms CMS built over La-ravel

    for the following reasons :

    • Easy to add Multi-language
    • Users Roles and Permissions exit and easy to mange.

    What makes me hesitate, is that Im afraid of the ability of ASGARD when the system becoming huge, FYI, Expected for the system to handle 50,000 concurrent restaurant order.

    Hence, I don't know the optimal option for doing this system using PHP.

    Appreciate your time and advice,

    Haitham ELsheshtawy.

  • admin


    Asgard or pure laravel shouldn't be a difference concerning performance. As you will have to develop everything asgard does anyway.

  • @nwidart
    Thank you very much for speed reply. I appreciate that for u so much. I have a concerning regarding add order dispatching functionality to dispatch orders to drivers and tracking them live. Is it still OK to go on with AsgardCMS. I appreciate your advice.

  • admin

    That's of course possible yes. Anything you can do in laravel, is possible in asgard, ie the modules.

    The advantage of the modular structure is a more maintainable application in the long term. I talk more about that subject here.

  • Thanx again.
    I'll go on with Asgard and update u soon with result.
    Wish u nice times.

  • admin

    Sounds good. :+1: Don't hesitate to swing by the slack channel.

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