Logged User can't access Login page ??

  • In my situation, my user have not right to access backend so I want to login with different user. But I can access login page maybe cause I logged.

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    Is there any errors or just blank page or redirect? What is exactly happening?

  • @armababy it return page with 403 error.

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    @cuongdev Abort 403 in this case would mean that admin authentication did not pass AdminMiddleware, which would make total sense, since user has no Dashboard->index permissions (no backend permissions) you can see this check here.

    If you want to authenticate as user who has no backend permissions, you would want to go directly to auth/login route instead of going backend and let it redirect you to auth/login because then Asgard will remember where to redirect you after successful login it will try to redirect you back to backend. Hope this makes sense.

    You would need to alter default view, for your login link to directly point to auth/login instead backend

    Basically, make new frontend module for your users (Account, Profile something like that).
    You can seek some inspiration in Asgards own implementation of Profile

    P.S: use auth/logout url to logout current session just in case you stuck.

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