View [layouts.master] not found.

  • I'm UNIT TESTING my controllers and I'm coming across this error

    View [layouts.master] not found. (View: /home/vagrant/Code/dohlapse/Modules/Brokerquotes/Resources/views/public/requests/index.blade.php)

    When trying to load my views. In the index.blade.php I has @extend('layouts.master'). Layouts master usually refers to the default layout of the theme( in this case its "Flatly") but for some reason either the theme isn't loading or it's checking in the wrong place.

    How can I get the default theme loaded in PHPUNIT

  • hi
    i have this problem yesterday.
    Are all default modules active ?
    you can do this manually by change setting of module.json
    set "active": 1 at every core module.
    example path of one Module :

    also clear cache , config and view cache.

  • apparently I was not loading the themes correctly in Ochestra. Refactored the environmentSetup to include the necessary configs.

  • @kenmonster Hi Kenmonster, could you give detail on how you loaded themes on your unittest? Hopefully it will help me get unstuck, thanks !

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