Anyone working on Social logins?

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    Since Cartalyst social addon for Sentinel is a paid one i require one for my current and future projects.

    Is there any works going on in that front? For example for OAuth2.

    I would probably go with making one using
    Just wanted to know if anyone has done anything already.

  • Currently working on my own, it will be very basics, auto post to facebook as user or as a page.

    I would also focus on twitter and linkedin after.

    I plan to do a module for this, but don't expect something before mid march (I have some holiday before)

  • Hi,

    have you made any progress? I need to log in using Linkedin. Is there any existing way to login. Thank You

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    No progress over here.
    Last time I was doing this Asgard was locked on an old version of Guzzle.
    Nowadays it's using latest guzzle so this is wide open to use any 3rd party social login integration package with some modifications to User module.

  • Hi,

    i'm not sure if I understood the question correctly, but i think there is already a solution for social auth with sentinel.


    i think this is a good start point to implement a social auth (via socialite).

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    Great, was not aware that someone built sentinel/socialite integration. Thanks.

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    Wow yea this is pretty cool to use socialite with Sentinel!

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