Problem installing on windows machine under homestead environment

  • I am trying to install asgard on windows machine using laravel homestead environment. My windows desktop.ini file seems to cause a problem while installing asgard. I am getting something like,

    Admin account created!
    copy(C:\Users\Admin\Google Drive\Code\AsgardCMS\public\modules/core/js/v
    endor/datatables/desktop.ini): failed to open stream: Permission denied

    On My auth/login, I am getting an exception,

    View [partials.notifications] not found. (View: /home/vagrant/Code/AsgardCMS/Modules/User/Resources/views/public/login.blade.php)
    in FileViewFinder.php (line 137)
    at CompilerEngine->handleViewException(object(InvalidArgumentException), 1)
    in PhpEngine.php (line 44)
    at PhpEngine->evaluatePath('/home/vagrant/Code/AsgardCMS/storage/framework/views/c47e72449eb763cb5312c9d2e2a6cec797cdf304.php', array('__env' => object(Factory), 'app' => object(Application), 'errors' => object(ViewErrorBag), 'currentLocale' => 'en', 'currentUser' => false))
    in CompilerEngine.php (line 59)
    at CompilerEngine->get('/home/vagrant/Code/AsgardCMS/Modules/User/Resources/views/public/login.blade.php', array('__env' => object(Factory), 'app' => object(Application), 'errors' => object(ViewErrorBag), 'currentLocale' => 'en', 'currentUser' => false))
    in View.php (line 137)
    at View->getContents()
    in View.php (line 120)
    at View->renderContents()
    in View.php (line 85)

    Can someone help me with this please?

  • Does it work if you just delete the desktop.ini file (or move it somewhere else in case you need it). My understanding is that these files are just used by windows to determine how a folder should be displayed. Therefore it probably doesn't need to be there, and is just causing you issues.

  • admin

    I don't use windows myself so I can't help you with this. However, others most likely can. :)

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