Could someone please map the routing in AsgardCMS?

  • Given the existence of modules, themes, and translations, it should be the first thing to document. Really. Thanks.

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    Hello, @Johnny.

    There is no map of routes because that would be a nightmare to keep up with.
    And in fact, there is no real need for that since you have powerful tools like artisan.

    Heres good command to get you started from command line php artisan route:list | grep Modules that should give you all routes and even more (middleware etc.)

  • Hi there, thanks a lot for your reply!

    Well, I disagree with that approach, in the sense that engineers work with structure and common conventions, so everything is predictable and under control. Otherwise, there is always the risk to get screwed up by someone else's code just when you don't time for that.

    That's why I usually end up rewriting everything from scratch rather than inheriting some other people's framework of "unpredictability".

    Here I go again.

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    I see where you are coming from, but relying on something that actually is available for your installation (version) will be most predictable, documentation as it usually is on open-source projects sometimes lack constant updates.

    Being said that as I noted the open source, everybody can freely make a pull request with changes they would like to see in it.
    Link to documentation repository

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