Customising existing views and user table columns

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    I am evaluating Asgard CMS (which looks quite promising!) for a new project where I will need to create new Themes and a new Module - it seems that some views are not part of the existing Theme (flatly?) eg the login form which is located in the User module right? But if I change the Blade view in the User module directly then it will get overwritten on upgrading the software right?

    The documentation is unclear and I have seen some posts in this forum where it seems to be possible to copy the view to my new Theme but it incurs a performance penalty - is this the case?

    Can I not just have all the required views in my new Theme?

    Also if I need to add fields to the users table will these changes also get destroyed by an upgrade to the Users module?

    Sorry for the newbie questions but I cannot find an overview of how the Modules/Themes are integrated into Asgard, what their functionality provides and how they interact -- eg if the User module is removed does that mean that afterwards no user logins are supported in any way?

    Thanks in advance!


  • I believe as long as you have a layouts/account.blade.php in your views folder and it contains @yield('content'), your login page will work. It doesn't have to be copied from the Flatly theme.

    As far as the extra fields in the Users table, just make sure you have a proper migrations file, and you should be good to go.

    These answers are to the best of my knowledge.

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