Is AsgardCMS 2.0.x still using Pingpong menus?

  • Is AsgardCMS 2.0.x still using Pingpong menus as described in the documentation?

    I am not finding the "config/packages/pingpong/menus/config.php" file and I am not clear on where to create a custom presenter class, I also can't find "Pingpong\Menus\Presenters\Presenter" bass class.

    Any help would be appreciated. I basically need a different menu style for my footer where all the sub items are shown under the menu parent with no hover.

  • Global Moderator

    Hey @Demaestro

    AsgardCMS v2 uses Laravel-Menus same base as Pingpong with tests and multiple improvements.
    Same concepts still apply, basically you would use same documentation but replace Pingpong with Nwidart so for Presenters base class it would be Nwidart\Menus\Presenters\Presenter.

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