Question about Module Admin Views, Form::normalCheckbox

  • I am trying to create a module that has a many-to-many relationship between two models.

    I have gone into the entities and added the relationship methods (belongsToMany).

    I am trying to make the create and edit fields and am running into issues.

    In the controller, I added a call to pull all the related records, and added it to the compact function.

    In the view, I am looping through the related records and adding normalCheckbox fields, but am having trouble figuring out what I'm supposed to be using for the $name parameter. Since it is used as the check on the passed in object, it should be the ATTRIBUTE of the object, but since it has to be unique, it should be the VALUE of the attribute, so that it doesn't get confused with the other objects being created in the loop.

    Is the normalCheckbox the right thing to use? Should I just hand code the checkboxes and not use the Form helper?

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