How i get blog categories and tags?

  • Hi, i created a site with asgard, i installed the blog module.
    In my theme i can show post and $lastestposts, but how i get the categories and tags with slugs to show ?
    I can't do it because is not in the Documentation.
    Any can help me?Thanks.

  • Did you set the permissions for the admin user?

    It is likely all you need to do is, in the Admin section

    1. Backend Menu Go To "Users -> Roles"

    2. Click the "Admin" role

    3. Select the "permissions" tab

    Look for the Blog module and give all permissions to the "Admin" role. That should get it showing and working as expected.

  • Hi, i talk about the front end, not the backend.

  • I ended up creating a custom module called Blogextended. No admin controller/views/backend routes. No entities.

    I then added public controller/views/frontend routes and used the CategoryRepository to build frontend views. That way if you update blog you won't torch your custom stuff.

  • admin

    That's a pretty nice solution. Good job! :)

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