Multilingual Navigation

  • Hello everyone!

    I would like to ask just a bit help to figure out what am I doing wrong.
    I've installed the AsgardCms and works fantastic, like a charm!
    But for now, I would like to create a multilingual site, let's say with two languages.

    I already set the 'supportedLocales' and I can see the pages with the different slugs let's say:
    Works great, I can see the pages if I type manually the URL into my browser.

    However unfortunately I have a problem with the navigation/menu bar.
    I would like to be able to change the website language and the current locale.
    Right now, the English version works great, but If I change the language, it's gonna cause problems like: /en/SpanishContent instead of /es/SpanishContent.

    Can anyone please provide me a correct solution for this annoying problem?

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