PDOException after a AOK install ??

  • Hello, (couldn't find anyone mentioning this problem with a soln).

    I installed, successfully with no problems, Asgard v1 using 'composer create-project asgardcms/platform test2' and then 'php artisan asgard:install' successfully using the databasename,username,password etc. that I had created with phpmyadmin. The result worked great.

    Then, I noticed AsgardCMS version2 was available. So I deleted everything... and started again, this time unsuccessfully with Asgard v2. Despite having followed the same procedure,.. I am getting the web-error 'PDOException in PDOConnection.php line 47: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused' when I visit localhost/backend :(

    Does anyone have some suggestions for me for fixing the PDOConnection problem?

    When I used phpmyadmin to look at the tables created, (for this install I created a database asgard2 with username asgard2), I see that the install successfully created all the tables and data, so I don't believe it is an authorization configuration problem.

    Any kind help would be appreciated!


    (should I delete my original question?)

    My bad,.. I must have incorrectly specified the database host during the install. My .env file said the DB_HOST=
    and I needed to set it to DB_HOST=mysql
    I might mention that I am running on Docker containers using Laradock.

    With that change, I am now successfully connecting.

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