I have lost my admin rights and can now only access restricted in the backend.

  • I have lost my admin rights and can now only access restricted in the backend. Logging in but I can not change any system files. How can I get my admin rights again. I am the admininstrator of the page and have only more normal access. For help I would be very grateful because so helps me my system so nothing. Have only backups where the error already exists.
    best regards

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    If you can't fix the problem for some reason in default UI, you would need to connect to the database and manually add/edit records.
    It all depends on what you have done.

    Some pointers:

    • Add your user to admin role (role_users table).
    • Remove your user specific permissions (users table).

    That will reset you to admin role.

    If however you tampered with admin role permissions, you would need to edit roles table.

    All permission are stored in JSON format so, for example, to allow you to backend and update permissions you would add
    Actually you can also use this JSON to set your user sepecific permissions in users table and then go to backend UI and change what you actually need manually.

  • Thank you very much, you have me a week.
    Have it done as you described it and it goes.

    A short question yet, you may know from when AsgardCms also works with PHP7.1.

    Lovely wishes

  • Global Moderator

    As far as PHP7 and PHP7.1 are concerned I can confirm that AsgardCMS v2 is running fine on PHP7 and PHP7.1 (I'm using PHP7.1 myself for a project).
    For AsgardCMS v1 it should be running fine on PHP7 and most likely on PHP7.1 also, but I have not used v1 in a long time, so I can't tell you 100%.

    It all depends on what PHP is Laravel supporting.

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