Multiple roles for a User

  • I am assigning multiple roles for a user. Let me explain my requirement with an example.

    User is assigned with role1 and role2,
    role1: has permission to access module-1,module-2,module-3 and module-4.
    role2: has only permission to limited module-2 and module-4.

    The issue I am facing is, when user tries to access module-1 and module-3, it is not allowed as only role2 is taking effect. Can any one help me out is my understanding is correct? Or How to resolve as to my requirements.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Global Moderator


    First off what version of Asgard are you using?

    About roles, if you have not changed anything in configs then Standart permission structure applied.
    Which means that User specific permissions take over Role permissions, so make sure that User has no specific permissions for module-1, module-3 (Inherit).
    Then make sure that role1 and role2 permissions do not contradict each other.

    More info on official documentation

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