add blog module some error

  • I added a blog module all went well , and after the installation by going to the admin panel of curiosity , not created tables,
    QueryException in Connection.php line 662: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'reinfo.blog__posts' doesn't exist (SQL: select * from blog__posts order by created_at desc)

  • The same problem here!
    I have installed the Blog Module into a fresh AsgardCMS v1 installation but there is no Table blog__posts in the database...
    Any way to resolve this exception?

  • Hi.
    The solution is quite forward:
    $ php artisan module:migrate Blog
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_170107_create_posts_table
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_175411_create_post_translations_table
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_175736_create_categories_table
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_175804_create_category_translations_table
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_180507_create_tags_table
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_180538_create_tag_translations_table
    Migrated: 2014_09_27_181907_create_post_tag_table
    Migrated: 2015_05_29_180714_add_status_column_to_post_table

    After this I test the creation of tables within Mysql:
    | Tables_in_ihmcms |
    | activations |
    | blog__categories |
    | blog__category_translations |
    | blog__post_tag |
    | blog__post_translations |
    | blog__posts |
    | blog__tag_translations |
    | blog__tags |

    And that's all.

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