Routing issue

  • Hi,

    I am trying to setup a module which handles 'client accounts', so separate from the usual auth.

    I created it with the scaffold and have used the User module as a reference as the documentation is extremely lacking.

    I have no problem with backend routes at the moment from what I can tell, however the problem I am having is that my frontend post route defined in frontendRoutes.php is not hitting the controller and I'm also getting a 404 when I set it to a different URL.

    I have defined frontendRoutes.php in the modules RouteServiceProvider.php, and I am also able to see my route loaded when I use php artisan route:list

    When I hit the submit button on my form, if I am using the same URL as the page i.e. client/register - it just redirects back to the register page like its hitting the get route.

    When i change it to something like client/create - I then get a 404 (NotFoundHttpException). It is not hitting my controller function at all as I have a logging command in it and I'm also trying to use XDebug.

    Here is my frontendRoutes.php file:

    Here is my ClientAuthController.php file:

    My form is a POST and it's destination is the route listed in frontendRoutes.php

    Any help will be greatly be appreciated.

  • admin


    That's probably because those URI names are already used by the user module.

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