How to control Page template names

  • How can I control Page template name in pages/create ? How to add templates?
    I read the document on Page, but I couldn't find any info.

    alt text

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    The way Page module is collecting page templates is by scanning views folder of current active Frontend theme.
    Scanner excludes layouts and partials folders inside theme views folder.

    So basically you go to your theme(by default it's Flatly) views folder and create template my_cool_template.blade.php or you can place all your templates in some specific folder inside that theme views folder like page_templates.

    And the name of template will be name of file you created excluding .blade.php

  • +1 For this question, is it possible to exclude also other folders? Or is the only way to do this to put them into layouts or partials?
    If yes, feature request. This can be easy be done in a existing config file, for example '' file.

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    you can give custom names since this PR:

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