How to add a function in blog module

  • I want to add a function in post of blog module but I can't. Please let me know how to do. Tkank you so much

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    Can you tell us what do you want to do with that function?
    So we can figure out appropriate solution.

  • I want to find the post which the viewer view most, but I don't know where is model

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    That will require you to edit the Blog module in order to add a view counter column and a method on the repository to order them by that count.

    The blog module can be found in Modules/Blog

  • oh yeah, I will try to do. Tkank you so much!!!

  • I have another problem. Can you help me??? How to use $page in blog module (Undefined variable: page)

  • admin

    Please open a new post for that.

  • OK, thank you!!!

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