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  • Hi People,
    How to insert thumbnails in homepage of Blog ?

    Post1: Image + post attributes
    Post2: Image + post attributes

    <img src="{{ Imagy::getThumbnail($post->media__imageables->media_files->path, 'blogThumb') }}" alt="" />

    Thanks in advanced

  • admin


    You're close.
    On top of my head:

    <img src="{{ Imagy::getThumbnail($post->files->first()->path, 'blogThumb') }}" alt="" />

    You could always send a PR so that it's a little more nicer, for instance:

    <img src="{{ Imagy::getThumbnail($post->featured_image->path, 'blogThumb') }}" alt="" />

  • $post_array = $post->files()->first();
    <img src="{{ $post_array['path'] }}" alt="{{ $post_array['filename'] }}">

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