Unable to upload/save image

  • I am trying to upload image using new created module "Testimonial" .

    I use following in create blade
    @include('media::admin.fields.new-file-link-single', [
    'zone' => 'user_img'

    Included "MediaRelation" Trait in entity but no success. I can add image which get displayed in form but didn't save when form is submitted.

    I get same issue when I upload image in WYSIWYG editor in page module.

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    Did you follow the steps outlined in the documentation?

    1. adding trait
    2. adding partial
    3. trigger event that implements interface

    Do you see records in the imageables table ?

  • I have added Trait and partial, I guess the issue is with triggering event. How do we trigger event? documentation lack example and I am new to this.

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    You can look at the blog module events: https://github.com/AsgardCms/Blog/blob/master/Events/PostWasCreated.php

    These are triggered in the EloquentPostRepository.

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    Marked as solved.
    Due to no response from OP on potential/actual solution proposal for over 1 month.

    If OP or someone else thinks this is not still solved, please respond with problem/concern.

  • @nWidart said in Unable to upload/save image:

    You can look at the blog module events: https://github.com/AsgardCms/Blog/blob/master/Events/PostWasCreated.php

    These are triggered in the EloquentPostRepository.

    Having same problem described in this post.
    Question may appear as dummy, but i really don't know how to trigger created event.
    Can you please write the code line. And where it should be put. Thank you.

  • I don't know too how to trigger created event., but i try to understand how to edit function method work find in youtube, and after read function i write in my store function in controller admin

     * Store a newly created resource in storage.
     * @param  Request $request
     * @return Response
    public function store(Request $request, FileRepository $FileRepository)
        $entity = $this->testimonial->create($request->all());
        $entity->files()->attach($request->medias_single['gallery'], [
            'imageable_type' => 'Modules\\Testimonials\\Entities\\Testimonial',
            'zone' => 'gallery',
        flash()->success(trans('core::core.messages.resource created', ['name' => trans('testimonials::testimonials.title.testimonials')]));
        return redirect()->route('admin.testimonials.testimonial.index');

    It's work, now when i create a new testimonial, a new row is create in table media__imageables.
    But i don't know if is a good way to do it.

  • @Bob Thank you. It really works, but for @mediaSingle('gallery') only.
    If I'm using @mediaMultiple('gallery') then it's not working properly, I've tried to type
    $request->medias_multiple['gallery'] in code it didn't worked either.

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    The code posted by @Bob is not the recommended way of doing attaching media (even if it works).

    At the step of linking media to the entity:

    1. You have to create event class that implements Modules\Media\Contracts\StoringMedia
      Example of event class MyModule/Events/FakeMediaEvent.php:
    namespace Modules\MyModule\Events;
    use Modules\Media\Contracts\StoringMedia;
    class FakeMediaEvent implements StoringMedia
        public $entity;
        public $data;
        public function __construct($entity, $data)
            $this->entity = $entity;
            $this->data = $data;
        public function getEntity()
            return $this->entity;
        public function getSubmissionData()
            return $this->data;
    1. Trigger this event in store and update method of controller that works with media for example MyModule/Http/Controllers/Admin/FakeController.php:
    namespace Modules\MyModule\Http\Controllers\Admin;
    use Modules\MyModule\Events\FakeMediaEvent;
    class FakeController  extends AdminBaseController 
        public function store(StoreFakeRequest $request)
            $fake = $this->fake->create($request->all());
            event(new FakeMediaEvent($fake, $request->all()));
            return redirect()->route('admin.mymodule.mymodule.index')
                ->withSuccess(trans('core::core.messages.resource created', ['name' => trans('mymodule::mymodules.title.mymodules')]));

    Thats it, whenever you store or update record media will be linked and relinked correctly.

    P.S: Parts of controller stripped

  • @armababy Thank you so much! It works perfectly. :-)

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