What areas would I need to look at to decouple Sentinel and use my own?

  • I was wondering where would I need to look to remove Sentinel from Asgard?

    I was thinking that Caffinated/Shinobi, Shinobi's complimentary WatchTower and Taylor's Social Lite would be a really good combination to replace what is used now.

    Any ideas or comments that would make this just too much work to remove that package?

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    Hey, is this is what you are looking for?

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    The link @armababy points out is exactly how you would do it.

    In the early days of AsgardCMS, it supported both Sentry and Sentinel right out of the box. Since then, Sentry has been abandoned and Sentinel open sourced.

  • @armababy , @nWidart

    Thanks guys! I'll take a look into that.

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