Thank you!

  • I think that I have been actually keeping an eye on this project since it's early days. Did it used to be called ThorCMS?

    Anyway, I'm very glad to see how far you have progressed!

    To be honest, I've been working on my own CMS for my job and have covered areas that you haven't and you have covered areas that I haven't.

    I have also been learning a lot by how you have done things!

    Where am I headed? If you are interested. I needed to build another CMS for my own freelance work since what I have done at work is technically theirs. So, I have been tinkering around with the idea of just going with what you have done. I'll try to provide back as much as possible or at least help out here if my needs drift too far away from your main core.

    Once again, more than anything, I really appreciate your work and for releasing all that work to the public and community!!!

  • admin

    Hello @Thor ,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I would be more than happy to hear what you did on your cms that isn't covered here. I'm all for making AsgardCMS the best possible cms.

  • Re: Thank you!

    A majority of what I did is for multisite using 1 database. I also went into covering more things like adding documents instead of just images. Essentially, many things that are just for a certain group of people instead of being general, like you have done. I still need to dig through more of the code. Once I've done that, I'll come back and make updates.

  • admin

    About the multi-tentant part, it is not by default since not everyone has this need. However it is possible to have it working as I know multiple people who did create a multi-tenant system on AsgardCMS.

    AsgardCMS also handles any kind of documents and not only images as you seem to suggest.

  • Ah! I didn't know that you could upload PDFs. Thanks for the tip.

    I agree that multi-tenant isn't for everybody.

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