Get images of modules in template

  • how to get the modules images in template in foreach loop

  • Hi Meet

    Assuming that you've successfully bound images to your entities and bound the collection to your view, you can loop through the collection and get images like this:

    @foreach ($items as $item)
        @if ($item -> files() -> where("zone", "my_image") -> count())
            <img src="{{ $item -> files() -> where("zone", "my_image") -> first() -> path }}">

  • Hi Poxblossom
    thanks for reply but after adding {{ $item -> files() -> where("zone", "my_image") -> first() -> path }} i am getting this error Trying to get property of non-object

  • Okay, that suggests you haven't made the data available to the view. There are a few ways you can do this, two of which are covered in this video tutorial:

  • thanks for reply but i have done this things properly but then also getting error

  • Which method are you using to get your data to the view? Please share some code.

  • admin

    I personally do this via accessors on Laravel.

    If for instance you have products that can have a gallery of images I would add this in its model file:

     * Get all the product gallery images
     * @return \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection
    public function getGalleryImagesAttribute()
        return $this->files()->where('zone', 'gallery')->get();

    The error you're getting Trying to get property of non-object without more information might be because you call ->where(zone, my_image) on null.

    This either your relation $item->files() returns null, which could be because you didn't implement the MediaRelation trait on your model.

  • @nWidart

    i have got your point and its working Thankyou

  • admin

    Awesome! :)

    Don't forget to mark the topic as resolved, thank you.

  • how to mark this topic as resolved as i dont get anything in this

  • admin

    I've done it for you.

    Under topic tools, you have a "mark as resolved" link.

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