Is the "Adding additional user data" documentation correct?

  • Is the technique detailed here correct? I've followed it to the letter and am seeing no change to my profiles table. Additionally, these instructions differ considerably from the video tutorial on adding additional fields to the Page module.

    Frankly, I don't see how the additional data could be making it to the backend, but I'm not familiar with the more magical techniques used in Asgard and don't know if I'm just missing something obvious.

    Could somebody please confirm the following:

    1. That the technique documented above is correct, complete, and functional.
    2. If not, what is missing?
    3. If so, what is the difference between this and the technique used to add data to the Page module, and is either preferable?


  • Turns out that when I said "to the letter" I was a damned liar. Watch your pluralisations, people.

    It all works exactly as documented.

  • admin

    Awesome! :)

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