different page template Details on home page

  • how to get the another page template details on home page

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    One way would be to create your own frontend theme and edit/add/remove page templates to your liking.
    Obviously you could also edit Flaty theme page views if you can keep up with future updates to it.

    If this is not what you are looking for please elaborate in greater detail.

  • I have created the template of every page in theme/flaty/view now i want to to display about page template details such as template title,content the basic things in home page template how to display that please elaborate in details thaks for reply

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    Well laravel templating does not work like that exactly.
    If we are using blade we can only extend something or include something there are no manipulation.
    So that means you can not selectively retrieve pieces of template you have to include it as a whole.

    If i understand you correctly you would like to build some blocks like in footer for example about us, contact us etc.

    Then you would create that block as a partial, lets say theme/flatly/view/partials/about_block.blade.php etc.
    And then include that in template you are using for your page (@include('partials.about_block'))

    Basically you would use 1 template (home) for all static pages and create another if display differs. What you described is telling me you want partial.

  • thanks for reply i got your point . Thankyou

  • i just want to create the textarea field in backend only for home page not for the others and just display that textarea value in home page nonthing else

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    Sure you could add settings entry for this type of thing.

    And then in home template you would do something like

        {{ setting('mymodule::my-field') }}

    That would be one way to go if you want dynamic field

  • thanks for reply i got your point and its working

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